Reef Factory: Dosing Pump

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Dosing Pump
 - a modern dosing pump remotely controlled by the Smart reef system.

What distinguishes the Dosing Pump dispenser from Reef Factory is the quality of workmanship and modern technology combined with proven reliable dosing pump technology.

Technical specifications:

  • Accuracy: 0.1 ml
  • Recommended single: 0,3 ml
  • Number of pumps included: 1
  • Remote management capability: YES
  • Dose percentage increase
  • Increase or decrease a parameter over time.

The pump is a response to the professional demand of marine aquarium hobby for a permit for special tasks. The Dosing pump from Reef Factory allows you to efficiently manage the dispensing of liquids into a marine aquarium. The current functionality exceeds what competitive products on the market provide, and the product is constantly developed and in the future through intuitive updates will be enriched with user suggestions and new Smart reef system integrations.

Pump management:

The pump is controlled by an advanced and intuitive Smart reef system, which is available through the browser and the application on the phone. Intuitive control + functionality adapted to marine aquariums.