MarcoRocks:  Foundation Rocks

MarcoRocks: Foundation Rocks

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  • MarcoRocks are 100% made by good ol mother earth.
  • Natural and safe for any pet environments.
  • Takes a shape not unlike those of regularly imported live rock BUT with none of the risks like pests, nasty die-off, while preserving our beautiful living reefs.
  • MarcoRocks is also carefully sourced to be free of anything that might effect its purity. 
  • All rocks are not created equal!

MarcoRocks:  Foundation Rocks

Natural top and a smooth cut bottom making it the perfect choice for smart aquascaping.
We recommend placing this rock under any rock work at the boundary layer between the glass and rock display. Separating them by 4-8" allows the rock work to "float" above this bottom layer, promoting healthy flow around the rock work and over the substrate.
Foundation rock can be silicone to the glass if desired.