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PNS YelloSno™ significantly enhances the diet of corals and other filter-feeders by simulating a marine snowfall. Supports growth/development with amino acids, protein and vitamins.

What does PNS YelloSno™ do?
The water columns of marine environments--even the relatively clear waters over tropical coral reefs--can become littered with tiny bits of suspended organic matter. On reefs, this material may wash in from adjacent habitats or accumulate locally from animal feces, expelled coral mucus, copepod exoskeletons, etc. While not particularly wholesome by themselves, these particulates are nutritionally enriched as they are colonized by various types of heterotrophic bacteria. Particles consolidate as the musilage secreted by resident microbes causes them to become sticky; this reduces their buoyancy and causes them to slowly sink. Such aggregations are referred to as marine snow. Suspended and settled marine snow is an important food source for filter-feeders and detritivores respectively. Purple nonsulfur bacteria (PNSB), which are highly digestible and nutritious, are known to be commonly associated with marine snow. Composed of an all-natural chitin substrate that mimics copepod exoskeleton fragments and coated with PNSB, Hydrospace™ PNS YelloSno™ effectively simulates a marine snowfall. With a wide particle size range, this product may be captured and consumed by a large variety of suspension-feeding animals (e.g. corals). It is rich in protein, vitamins and amino acids. Just following a curing process, PNS YelloSno™ is preserved for a long shelf life by flash pasteurization. PNS YelloSno™ is specially formulated for use in saltwater aquaria. And, it is completely safe, non-toxic and non-pathogenic. PNSB may vary in color from yellow to red to purple depending upon pigment content; product color may vary from yellow to dull orange.

The most significant benefits are as follows:
- It has an extensive shelf life (pasteurized, requires refrigeration).
- It is easily measured and dosed.
- It is accepted by many aquarium filter-feeders and detritivores.
- Many users report increased coral polyp extension.
- It is rich in protein and B vitamins.
- It agglomerates into a very wide range of particle sizes.

Directions and Usage for PNS YelloSno™:
Shake the bottle thoroughly for fine particle sizes or lightly for larger particle sizes. Pour small amount of dose (approximately 10%) directly into the main tank in an area of high flow to prime animals for feeding (preferably just after lights-out). Once corals and other suspension feeders have exhibited a feeding response, add the remaining portion. While certain strong, natural odors may become evident, they are normal and dissipate shortly after use. Keep refrigerated at all times! Dosage: Add up to 16.9 fluid ounces PNS YelloSno™ per 500 US gallons per feeding session (approximately 1 ml/gal). As with all foods, it is best used sparingly to maintain good water quality.