Reef Factory: LED Bars (Reef Flare)

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The Reef Flare LED Bar is a new supplemental strip light from Reef Factory promising to add a lot of extra colour to reef aquariums. Coming in three sizes ranging from two, three and four feet long, these LED light bars are populated with a rainbow of all the blue colours that really bring out coral fluorescence. 

Some LED strip lights might be content with two or three blue emission peaks but the Reef Flare LED has no fewer than six covering wavelengths from 410 to 480 nanometers, with the colourful 430nm violet colour being the most numerous. Reef Factory made their Reef Flare LED no slouch in the power department about 18 watts per foot with the two footer packing 34 watts, the three footer sporting 45 watts, and the four footer endowed with 65 watts of power, with each LED’s output shaped by individual lenses.