Oceanlife: Premium Marine Medium Pellets

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  • Special Food made for small- medium marine fishes .
  • Provide balance of amino acids and fats.
  • Reduces suspended solids and helps to improve the enzyme activity in the digestive tract.
  • Ensure satisfaction of the needs of the fish in every stage of their life.
  • Safe and sustainable protein source with high digestible protein content.
  • Sinkable pellet.

Special food developed on the most recent research findings. It’s a key element of the concepts of active and proactive nutrition, working for the prevention of stressful events. Strengthens the immune system, improves the status and bowel function, stabilizes the intestinal flora and has a high antioxidant capacity.

Thanks to these unique characteristics, it strengthens defenses in order to increase the resistance against the attack of pathogens and decreasing stress, making it particularly suitable for debilitated fish and to maintain fish healthy.