Oceanlife: Premium Marine Mini Pellets

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    • Special Food made for nano marine fishes
    • Provide balance of amino acids and fats.
    • Reduces suspended solids and helps to improve the enzyme activity in the digestive tract.
    • Ensure satisfaction of the needs of the fish in every stage of their life.
    • Safe and sustainable protein source with high digestible protein content.
    • Sinkable pellet.

    Premium Marine Mini Pellets is a new generation fish food produced using innovative technology.

    Pellets are very regular in size and sinks slowly, simplifying swallowing and ensuring the right feeding for shy and slow fishes.

    The mini-pellets have a high stability in water, minimizing the loss of nutrients. Also stabilizes the intestinal microflora, reducing the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and improving growth rates of young fishes.