Oceanlife: Reef Constructor

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    • Simulate Calcium reactor by increasing KH and CA through dose.
    • Unlike Calcium reactor, it doesn't reduce PH due to zero need of CO2.
    • Ionically balanced.
    • Zero pollutant.

    Reef Constructor part 1 and 2 is a simple method to keep calcium and carbonates at desired values. Dosing the same amount of part 1 and part 2, you will be able to rise calcium and KH in the same way as a calcium reactor would do. The combination of these two product is ionically balanced.

    This part 2 contains all and only the carbonate ions. No other elements are present to avoid undesired overdosing like with other competing products.
    Thanks to its purity, prolonged use will not negatively affect the water quality and the result are healthy and colourful corals.

    Size: (500ml)