Reef Factory: Reef flare Pro profile set

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The Reef Flare Pro profile wire set is a complete Reef Flare Pro profile hanger set in sizes S, M and L. The set consists of the Reef Flare Profile wire set, the Reef Flare Pro Profile and the Reef Flare Pro profile hanger. The profiles are available in lengths of 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm and 160 cm. The 100 cm and 120 cm long sets include 4 Reef Flare Pro profile hangers for mounting 2 lamps, the 140 cm and 160 cm long sets include 6 Reef Flare Pro profile hangers for mounting 3 lamps.

Key features

-installation of Reef Flare Pro series lamps

-possibility of smooth adjustment of lamp spacing

-quick assembly