Oceanlife: Iodine

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    • Essential trace element.
    • Promote blue and purple on coral pigmentation.
    • Key biological processes of all fishes, invertebrates and corals.
    • Will not affect water quality.

    Reef Iodine is the best way to replenish the iodine element in marine aquariums. It rapidly increases the iodine concentration in reef aquariums and supplies a fundamental element for all the aquarium population. Iodine is involved in key biological processes of all fish, invertebrates and corals.

    Its consumption is determined not only by biological processes but also by skimmer activity, activated carbon and resins, so it's rapidly consumed. It's very important to replenish it and to keep it at natural levels using Reef Iodine.
    It enhances also blue and violet colours on Acropora corals.