Skimz: BR156 Biopellet Reactor

Skimz: BR156 Biopellet Reactor

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Skimz BR156 DC Biopellet Reactor is fitted with a QuietEco QE2.0 (2,000 l/h) pump that lets you control the flowrate using the variable speed controller and can hold up to 2,000ml of Biopellet media.

Together with the bottom-fed conical design, it helps to keep the Biopellet media in constant motion and prevent clumping.

Skimz AC Biopellet Reactor available in three sizes: BR86, BR106 and BR156.


L320 x D190 x H490


QuietEco QE2.0 (2,000 l/h)

Total Watts:



up to 2,000 ml Biopellet

For aquarium:

up to 2,000 L